NATO Parliamentary Assembly
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Budapest/Brussels - 14 April 2015 - The Hungarian National Assembly will host the NATO Parliamentary Assembly's Spring Session in Budapest from Friday 15 May to Monday 18 May. The Session will bring together some 250 parliamentarians from the 28 NATO member countries from North America and Europe as well as delegates from partner countries and observers to discuss current transatlantic security matters and the reports prepared by the Assembly’s Committees.
Belgrade, 3 April 2015 - “Serbia is not trying to sit on two chairs. It sits on its own chair”, Serbia’s First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic told the participants of a high-level international parliamentary meeting in Belgrade. He underlined that Serbia had firmly chosen the path of European integration.
Tel Aviv, 3 April 2015 - Speaking at the end of a three-day visit to Israel and the West Bank, Assembly President Michael R Turner (United States) emphasized the need for engagement with the Assembly’s partners in the Middle East.
Belgrade, 30 March 2015 - In the lead-up to the 88th Rose-Roth Seminar in Belgrade, beginning on 31 March, members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly participated in a conference organized by the Atlantic Council of Serbia, discussing the benefits and drawbacks of Euro-Atlantic integration with some 30 participants from civil society, parliaments, and governments.
A high percentage of Georgia’s public and most of its political parties remain very committed to developing a closer relationship with and ultimately acceding to both NATO and the European Union. If anything, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, its support for anti-government rebels in Eastern Ukraine, and it hardening of the Administrative Boundary Lines (ABL) between Georgia and the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia have only reinforced Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations.